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One Night of Temptation

One Night of Temptation

Wicked Dukes Club, Book 6

Faced with a marriage she can’t abide, Lady Penelope Wakefield takes drastic measures to preserve her freedom. Her brilliant plan is foolproof until a sexy but imperious rector “rescues” her.

Rector Hugh Tarleton has no patience for the Society philanthropists who seek to bestow their pity—and not much else—on his oppressed flock in one of London’s worst neighborhoods. When the daughter of a marquess is kidnapped and brought to the rookery, he vows to protect her, but the temptation to surrender to their mutual desire will certainly ruin them both.

What people are saying...

One Night of Temptation is a reminder of why I continue to be a Darcy Burke fan. Burke doesn’t write damsels in distress. Her characters are fierce women determined not to be victimized.

– Hopeless Romantic

Darcy has done something I’ve not seen before and made the hero a rector and she now has me wanting more! Hugh is nothing like you expect him to be and you will love him the minute he winks. This was my favorite in the series!

– Sassy Booklover

All through this story you find yourself taking deep breaths and hoping the two find a way to be together , that they are made for each other is never in doubt.

– Goodreads review

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