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One Night of Surrender

One Night of Surrender

Wicked Dukes Club, Book 2

After one passionate night a decade ago, Valentine Fairfax, Duke of Eastleigh, never forgot Isabelle, the intelligent, witty and forbidden daughter of a head of college at Oxford. However, since suffering a disastrous marriage to an unfaithful wife, the duke has vowed never to succumb to temptation again. Until the day he discovers his friend’s governess is the one woman who still haunts his dreams.

Once penniless, Isabelle Cortland has finally saved enough money to finance a school for impoverished girls. But when a chance encounter rekindles buried desires, Isabelle knows she can’t be a duke’s mistress and a headmistress at the same time. No longer a naïve girl, Isabelle won’t repeat the past. Not even for one night of surrender…

What people are saying...

“If you love a good story, likable characters and steamy moments then you’ll enjoy this one.”

–Keeper Bookshelf

“Together, Burke and Ridley have crafted a delightful “world” with swoon-worthy men, whip-smart ladies, and the perfect amount of steam for this romance reader.”

–Dream Come Review

“…Burke makes this wonderfully entertaining tale of fated lovers a great and rocky ride. A wonderful addition to this great series.”

–The Reading Café

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