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The Untouchables Books 10-12

The Untouchables Books 10-12

The Duke of Seduction

When the Duke of Seduction pens anonymous letters singing Lady Lavinia Gillingham’s praises, she suddenly becomes the toast of the ton and matrimony—which she doesn’t particularly want—seems imminent. Spurned at sixteen and knowing his sister was victimized by Society, William Beckett, Marquess of Northam uses music and poetry to help wallflowers and bluestockings, like Lady Lavinia, find a match. But she rejects his assistance and when they instead become unlikely allies, can he beat back the shadows of the past and open his heart again?

The Duke of Kisses

After Frances Snowden’s sister whisks her away from a marriage to her parents’ stuffy neighbor, she isn’t sure what her future holds until she meets and kisses a mysterious man on a walk in the countryside. Resigned to marrying the dull woman his parents chose, David Langley, Earl of St. Ives is suddenly and happily diverted by the captivating young woman he wants to kiss again. But a long-buried feud between their families forces them to choose between the loyalty of family and a love for all time.

The Duke of Distraction

When Miss Sarah Colton’s parents learn she intends to open a millinery shop, they give her an ultimatum: choose a husband or they’ll do it for her. After witnessing how love embittered his uncle and broke his father, Felix Havers, Earl of Ware vows never to love. But when his best friend’s wallflower sister needs to find a husband, he promises to make her the toast of London… without losing his heart.

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