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The Red Hot Earl

The Red Hot Earl

Love is All Around, Book 1

The Earl of Buckleigh was once an untitled misfit, tormented at Oxford. Now, he’s overcome his challenges and is eager for the future, especially when his oldest and dearest friend, Bianca, needs help to save the annual holiday party. Ash has a plan to rescue the event, but when the bullies from his youth are up to their old tricks, he must risk everything to put the past behind him and find true love.

Furious when her brother refuses to host the St. Stephen’s Day party, Lady Bianca Stafford is committed to giving the villagers their celebration. In Ash, she sees salvation for their local tradition, and perhaps a future she never expected. But her brother has other plans for her—a Season and marriage, and not to Ash. When disaster strikes, everything she cares about is threatened and it will take a miracle—or a hero—to save the day.

The Red Hot Earl is inspired by the song and story, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. 


A little tune from Darcy ...

Sing-along with The Red Hot Earl!


Lyrics by Darcy Burke and sung to the melody of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer by Catherine Kenner.

What people are saying...

“Ash and Bianca were such absolutely loveable characters who were perfect for one another and so deserving of love… an un-put-downable, sensitive, and beautiful romance with the perfect combination of heart and heat.”

– Love at 1st Read

“Everyone loves a good underdog story and . . . Burke sets out to inspire the soul with a powerful tale of heartwarming proportions. Words fail me but emotions drown me in the most delightful way.”

– Hopeless Romantic

“The romance is such fun – with some bad men, an awful brother, great sister, Ash's wonderful Mother & a little bit of bedroom spice thrown in to warm things up.”

– Goodreads reader 

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