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The Gift of the Marquess

The Gift of the Marquess

Love is All Around, Book 2

The Marchioness of Darlington wants nothing more than a houseful of children, but after three years of marriage Poppy has given up hope. When she learns her husband doesn’t share her sense of loss, Poppy tries to soothe her aching heart by helping at a local institution for single women and mothers. But the arrival of an expectant mother only reignites her longing, driving the wedge between her and Gabriel deeper.

After losing his mother and sister in childbirth, Gabriel, the Marquess of Darlington, is secretly glad his wife hasn’t been able to conceive. He can’t bear the thought of losing her, not even to achieve their dream of having a family. Desperate to prove his love, Gabriel makes a shocking proposition. It’s a risk, but if he can overcome Poppy’s fears and hesitation, he can give her what she wants most for Christmas.

What people are saying...

“This is a truly heartwarming and emotional story from beginning to end!”

– Sassy Booklover

“You could see how much they loved each other and watching them realizing their dreams was joyful to watch!!”

– Romance Junkie

“I’m thoroughly enjoying this series. Each book has been a fabulous love story with all the passion I’ve come to expect from Darcy Burke, but each of these books has had such a beautiful underlying message as well.”

– Love at 1st Read 

“…their conflict was as heartbreaking as it was realistic. It was clear that they loved each other, but equally clear that neither was quite sure how to bridge their differences.”

– Becky on Books

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