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Joy to the Duke

Joy to the Duke

Love is All Around, Book 3

Denied the woman of his dreams by his father's meddling, Calder Stafford, has spent the last decade proving himself to be self-sufficient, austere, and utterly uninterested in joy. Now that he is the Duke of Hartwell, he'll enact his revenge by abolishing the holiday traditions his father loved so well. His sisters will not sway him and neither will the woman—newly returned to town—who was stolen from him.

Returning to Hartwell to care for her mother, widow Felicity Garland is delighted to be back home, especially for the holidays. However, the jolly festivities she expects are nowhere to be found. When she goes to the source of the problem—the duke—she's astonished to see how much the young man she once loved has hardened. It's up to her to break through the impenetrable fortress around his heart—not just to save Christmas, but to save him.

What people are saying...

“…I had to wonder how this author could possibly redeem and reform Calder. It seemed to me there was little hope for such a man as he. Never fear – his story was wonderfully written and his redemption was heartwarming.”

– Flippin' Pages Book Reviews

“…it was a pleasure to read to the happily ever after ending for everyone.”

– Two Ends of the Pen

“I think this may be my favorite in this series! We finally find out what turned Calder so cold and the extent of that will surprise you.”

– Sassy Booklover

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